WORKSHOP: The second radon-in-field international intercomparison for passive measurement devices: dwellings and workplaces

By | 30 Aprile 2017

The scope of the Second radon-in-field international intercomparison for passive measurement devices are specific issues in the quality of radon concentration data. One set of devices, exposed to two different workplaces and for two different long time periods (from 3 to 6 months) will be used to evaluate the effects of ageing and fading. Another set of devices, exposed for a shorter time period, will be devoted to analyse the response of measurement devices to the simultaneous presence of radon and thoron in the air.
The first day of the Workshop will be dedicated to the discussion of the intercomparison results, and the second day will deepen aspects of quality assurance and other metrological aspects.
Intervening Laboratories will also be invited to present their experience and feedback, with special attention to technical, instrumental or methodological aspects of their measurement activities.
All the participating Laboratories are therefore invited to submit a poster presentation describing their ongoing activities in the field of radon measurements.
Each Workshop session will feature generous time for discussion and exchanges among the participants

Day One
1 Mauro Magnoni
2 Francesco Cardellini
3 Massimo Faure Ragani
4 Enrico Chiaberto
5 Federica Leonardi
6 Luisella Garlati
7 Critical points of intercomparison
Day Two
1 Luigi Tommasino
2 Rosaline Mishra
3 Hannah Wiedner
4 Rosabianca Trevisi
5 Raffaele Buompane
6 Marco Caresana
7 Francesco Cardellini
8 Elena Caldognetto
9 Eric Hulber
10 Maria Hansen
11 Rocco Marchese
12 Carlo Sabbarese
13 Stefano Coria